In developing the content maps for expii, we spend a lot of time thinking about what students are expected to learn. We looked to the national math and science standards for guidance, but we found that translating performance benchmarks into concrete, manageable learning goals wasn’t always easy. Our organized map of topics is the result of those efforts, and we want to share that with you.

We built our Common Core resource to make using the standards easier and more effective. It organizes all the standards in one place, and it also provides specific expii topics tagged for each one where you can find and share interactive explanations and resources to help you meet that standard. You can explore it for yourself here, or read more to learn about how you can use this resource.

All the standards in one place.

We’ve focused on the content standards for high school math, and we’re working to add Next Generation Science Standards in the same system.

Our goal is to help you easily navigate between and within standard domains. We give you the important parts: name, code, how it relates to other areas, and where to read more details. If there’s something else you’d like to see, let us know! We want to make this work for you.


Topic suggestions for each standard.

Each domain has its own page, just like on Instead of just describing the standard, we take it a step further: each standard comes with a list of specific topics that you could teach in order to address that standard.

For example, here’s a standard: Reason quantitatively and use units to solve problems. Even with the description, it can still be confusing to know how to start teaching that. Our list of topics gives more specific direction:

  • What is a rate?
  • What is a ratio?
  • How do you convert feet to meters?
  • What is a trend line?

You can stop here and use these topics as a guide for creating your lessons. Or, you can click on any one of the titles to get to its topic page. There, you could write an explanation to share with your students (or why not have your students try writing? One of our favorite ways of learning is to teach!). Anything you write on expii is available as a resource for everyone else, so you might even find a great explanation written by another teacher!

Expii explanations can be a great resource for your students, because you can easily embed questions, check-in points, videos with annotations, equations, diagrams, and plots. We’re excited to see all the ways that teachers like you have discovered how to explain these topics.

It’s exciting to see new changes to try and improve education, but it’s hard when those changes seem to make life more complicated and more difficult for teachers. This Common Core resource is our first attempt to make a little part of the process a little bit easier, and we hope it’s only one step out of many we’ll be taking.

We want to hear from you! How would you use the expii Common Core resource? What else would you like to see from expii?

Creating a Common Core Resource
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