Expii’s newest feature, solve, just launched on our website! Solve is interactive and intriguing – a brand new way to interact with math and science concepts. Solve features periodically released problem sets that will pique your curiosity and tickle your brain.

Expii is often used as a learning tool for math competitions and classwork, but these problems are for thinking creatively! No drilling on routine formulae and concepts, just engaging and attention-grabbing exercises. Who knew you could learn math and science with Doge, ladybugs, and space shuttles?

Solve is curated by Carnegie Mellon University math professor, International Math Olympiad coach, and expii founder Po-Shen Loh. Visit the solve page on expii.com to try your hand at the first problem set and sign up to be notified when new sets are released! A number of users have already given it a go. Share your solutions (and your feedback!) with us on our Facebook page!

Introducing: expii SOLVE!
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