set2prob2It’s time, once again, to think outside the box! So far, over 400 expii users have given solve a try with Set One. Now, you can have twice the mathematical fun– solve SET TWO has just been launched!

Set Two features an easy warm-up problem, four problems of increasing difficulty, and a final bonus question. This time, the problems feature exercises in various concepts, from longitude and latitude, to finding permutations, and more!

If you’ve yet to venture into the brain-tickling fun of solve, or even if you’ve tried Set One, these problems will inspire your creative thinking. While you’re bored over winter break, give these a try. Get started here.

As with the first set, Set Two was curated by CMU math professor, International Math Olympiad coach, and expii founder Po-Shen Loh.

Visit the solve page on to try both problem sets! You can also sign up to be notified when Set Three is released in January.

Practice, solve, and share your explanations and solutions with us!


expii solve SET TWO!
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