Celebrating: Problems and Solutions added as a new core feature on expii.com, alongside Explanations!

You don’t need to submit solutions inside each problem anymore. Each problem should have a single question block, positioned at the end. It’s a challenge for the community to write a solution. (You can also submit a solution to your own problem by clicking the “Add solution” button yourself.)

Join the revolution to build the largest Openly-Licensed collection of problems for the world, pinpointed by tags from our universe of 10,000 precisely focused topics in expii.com/map!

Next weekend at the Harvard–MIT Mathematics Tournament, we’ll announce a new major feature which algorithmically builds on this massive infrastructure.

Leading up to that announcement, we have a challenge for the global math/science enthusiast community: who can populate the most problems into the platform? We’re looking for a wide range of problems, from very very easy to difficult. This is a site pioneered by enthusiasts, who wish to share their love for the subjects by building free resources for the mass public.

We’ll send out free t-shirts to up to 10 winners this week, based upon the site leaderboard as of Mon Feb 22 at 00:00 GMT, to the top people who contribute at least 20 problems. No solutions are needed, so this is actually quite easy – just put your own twist on what’s already in your head from recent homework or contests. We reserve the right to skip over people who submit inappropriate content, and violating others’ copyrights is not permitted.

On copyrights: we wish all content were openly licensed, permitting mass-distribution. Our terms of service already permit this, but to make it even more transparent, we’re about to move to the Creative Commons BY-SA license. Just waiting to get the precise wording from legal.


“20 Questions” flash contest this week