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This week’s top scorer is: Catherine Yeo!

Catherine Yeo

A passionate and avid member of the Expii community, Catherine is currently in the 10th grade at Basis Independent Silicon Valley
School. Next year she will be transferring to the prestigious Stanford Online High School. Check out her interview below!

Q: What’s one fun fact about yourself?
A: I went to first grade when I was 4, making me perpetually the youngest student in my grade and often the youngest in the grade below me as well.

Q: How did you get interested in Expii? How do you use Expii?
A: I first encountered Expii when I met Po at the A-Star Math Tournament in 2015. I have always been interested in different forms of online instruction, especially regarding math and science, so I explored Expii and discovered that I really enjoy writing explanations and problems. Aside from content creation, I also use Expii to learn advanced concepts that are not taught in school, such as Vieta jumping.

Q: What’s your math background? Do you have a favorite math concept or area?
A: I am currently taking Number Theory at school since I have completed the basic AP Calculus course. I have participated in many math competitions, though I prefer proof-based contests over speed-based contests. In past summers, I attended CTY’s Cryptology program and MathPath. My favorite branch of math is number theory and its applications to cryptography.

Q: Anything else you want to share about yourself?
A: Aside from mathematics, I also love computer programming. I recently won the National Center for Women in Information & Technology’s Affiliate Award for Aspirations in Computing, which included a scholarship to the 2016 Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC).

(As an added bonus, check out this awesome article where Catherine can be seen rocking expii’s Pi day shirt!

Top Score Tuesday :: Catherine Yeo
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