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This week’s top scorer is: Lazar Ilic

Lazar Ilic

Graduated from Westlake High School, Lazar will start university at the California Institute of Technology – Caltech in the fall where he intends on majoring in mathematics and possibly philosophy.

Q: What’s one fun fact about yourself?
A: I am a negative average preference utilitarian, transhumanist, vegan, and contrarian in many relevant domains. I also have enjoyed recreational dumpster diving and find the freegan aesthetic fascinating due to environmental impact concerns and as an anti-consumerism statement.

Q: How did you get interested in Expii?
A: Po-Shen and many of the kids in the math contest scene. I think it is a very beautiful and worthwhile idea.

Q: How do you use Expii?
A: I look at the weekly problem sets and sometimes when I see an interesting concept on AoPS will come to Expii and read a nice explanation and examples.

Q: What’s your math background?
A: I have been doing competitions for quite some time but have been diversifying my mathematical portfolio more recently as I will be in college shortly; also I did a research project last summer and hope to continue my mathematical endeavours well into the future.

Q: Do you have a favorite math concept or area?
A: I like graph theory and combinatorics in general. Also projective geometry is neat.

Q: Anything else you want to share about yourself?
A: I used to think that the only exciting problems were entirely theoretical and abstract in nature and that pure mathematics was a pinnacle of sorts. After a variety of discussions and exposure to a number of projects, I now find many more things to be of interest. For example something like Expii, which has a very real goal and impact for a large number of people, or something like the effective altruism movement. I now think that doing things out in the “real” world is very cool in addition to proving theorems.

Top Score Tuesday :: Lazar Ilic
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