This week’s Top Scorer is Wang Xu (徐旺), who is studying Math at  Sun Yat-sen University. Today is also his 22nd birthday! 🙂

Q: How did you get interested in Expii? How do you use it?
A: When I finished my graduated thesis in May, I got plenty of space time but had nothing to worry about. About the same time, Dr. Xun Jiang recommended “Spirit of Ramanujan” in his microblog (Sina Weibo @Jiang_Xun). I just want to do something mathematical to kill time, so I joined the Expii. But later I found that some of the problems are really interesting and challenging, and I decided to complete this competition (just for fun). I really enjoy the process of thinking and solving.

Q: What is your favorite math topic?
A: Differential Geometry

Q: Anything else you would like to share?
A: Since Yau’s father was born and lived in the same town of mine, I knew the name of S.-T. Yau when I was just 10 (roughly). At that time, I didn’t have any idea about his academy achievements or the meaning of Fields Medal. But then I realized that mathematician is a possible career choice. But it was not until 18, when I received the letter of admission form SYSU, that I made up my mind to make this true decision of being a mathematician.

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Top Score Tuesday :: Wang Xu
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