#TopScoreTuesday 🏆 This week’s Top Scorer is Justin Zhouyue Su. The 25 year old grew up in China and now lives in California.He graduated from Tsinghua University, Beijing with a bachelor’s degree in Theoretical Computer Science.


Q: What’s one fun fact about yourself?

A: None of my friends and colleagues understands my native dialect, which is not Mandarin/Cantonese Chinese. They say it sounds like Japanese, which I don’t speak at all… I am gonna learn Japanese!

Q: How did you get interested in Expii?

A: I have always liked to work on fun math problems, and recently a colleague told me about Expii.

Q: How do you use Expii?

A: I have only started using Expii for a very short period of time and only to solve the math questions. It seems there are much more content on the website in other branches as well that I am planning to explore later.

Q: What’s your math background?

A: I learned mathematics olympics in high school and won a first prize in Chinese national mathematics olympics* in Zhejiang province in China. I learned more math in college because Theoretical Computer Science is essentially, a branch of math.

Q:Do you have a favorite math concept or area?

A: Combinatorial Mathematics I’d say.

Q: Anything else you want to share about yourself?

A: I work for Facebook and that’s how I knew expii. We have a good math nerd community here and we always welcome more talents joining Facebook!

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Top Score Tuesday :: Justin Zhouyue Su
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