Competition has brought our world closer since the #Rio2016 Opening Ceremony on August 5th. Have you been keeping up with the Olympics? Exercise your math skills with our latest Solve set.

Here’s  Solve set 35 Question 1:

Could Usain Bolt Run On Water?


On land, Usain Bolt is the world’s fastest human, holding the record of 9.58 seconds for the 100-meter dash. In the water, César Cielo is the world’s fastest human, holding the record for 21.30 seconds for the 50-meter freestyle swim.

Can both be combined?

The basilisk lizard is able to sprint so quickly that it runs over the surface of the water, not using surface tension like an insect, but through sheer speed and power.

According to Popular Mechanics, researchers have concluded that in order to run on water, you’d need to run roughly at the speed of a car on a highway (about 65 mph or 105 km/h). How many times as fast as Usain Bolt is that?

Answer here!

More Olympic related topics in this Solve set include the flame of the torch, Simon Bile’s gymnastics skills, strength of weight training and the fast runners of the games. Start solving!

35.2 35.3 35.535.4

Speaking of the Olympics, did you know that USA’s first #Gold of the summer was in Math?

It was awarded a month ago in Hong Kong, rather than Rio. A team of six U.S. high school students won first place at the 57th annual International Mathematical Olympiad, their second consecutive win after a 21-year hiatus. This win not only brought home the top prize, but each team member captured a gold medal, two with perfect scores.

Read more of  Tim Chartier’s article USA’s First Olympic Gold Of The Summer, In Math on The Huffington Post.


Solve Set 35: Olympics
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