We at Expii have been enjoying watching the games in Rio! Solve set 36 is full of more Olympic related puzzles. From freestyle swimming to the fastest dives to running, exercise your math skills and put them to the test!

Can you solve Problem 1?

Solve set 36 Question 1: It Phelps If You’re Ahead


César Cielo set the world record for the 50 meter freestyle swim in April 2009, at 20.91 seconds, breaking the previous record by Frédérick Bousquet of 20.94 seconds. Cielo is 1.95 meters tall (6 feet 5 inches) and Bousquet is 1.88 meters tall (6 feet 2 inches). If Bousquet traveled at his record speed for Cielo’s time, how far short of the finish line would he stop?


Solve Set 36: Olympics 2