Each week, the Expii team brainstorms new and creative math puzzles connected to current events and your everyday life through Solve. Up until now, we have focused on holidays, sports, games, and other lighthearted events. This week we were moved to write about the climate change epidemic that is so drastically represented by the flooding in Louisiana.

While we were researching and writing these set, we were overwhelmed by the tragedy that Louisiana residents are going through and what they will need to rebuild. This sparked everyone in our office to get together and share our favorite charities with each other and with you. If we all keep giving, volunteering, talking and sharing, we can do our small part in supporting these foundations who are helping residents reclaim their lives. Donate if you can, but even spreading the word can make a world of difference, every single one of you has the power to make that happen.


If every one of Expii’s regular Solve users shares information about a
Louisiana relief fund with 7 of their friends, who also tell 6 of their
who tell 5 of their friends, who tell 4 of their friends, and
so on, then we can reach more people than the number of Americans
who donated to Katrina relief funds.


Help us help the people and animals who have been affected by the Louisiana flooding.

Here are some of the charities that we have donated to:


General Human Relief Efforts:

Convoy of Hope has delivered 33 truckloads with 1 million pounds of relief supplies to families in Louisiana so far and estimate the total number of people served at nearly 40,000.

Baton Rouge Area Foundation states that their research will ensure that your donations go quickly and directly to nonprofits that are doing the most for people who call Louisiana home.

The Second Harvest Food Bank is distributing thousands of pounds of food, water and supplies to flood victims across South Louisiana.

The Red Cross has launched a massive relief operation in Louisiana , with an anticipated to cost at least $30 million.

The United Way states its donations will be used solely for flood relief and recovery, every dollar contributed to the Capital Area United Way Flood Relief and Recovery Fund will be used to help those affected by the flooding in the region. They will continue a  long-term effort, and will make every effort to raise funds to continue to support local needs to help the nonprofits and community members most impacted.

Direct Relief  has committed an initial $150,000 in cash for the emergency response effort in Louisiana and has made its entire $36 million medical inventory available to partner nonprofit health organizations in the affected areas.


Animal Victims:

There are thousands of displaced animals in the state of Louisiana from pets to farm animals. Homes, farms, and animal shelters have flooded and those who haven’t have taken in more animals than they ever have. This Wishalizer, aggregates several of the local shelters that need help. They need volunteers, supplies, or donations. To read more on each of these shelters, Global Animal offers a break down with more details.

The Animal Rescue Site is also raising funds for Louisiana’s animal flood victims. 100% of your donation will provide emergency medical supplies, food, bedding, and shelter for injured abandoned animals in the face of this storm.


Climate Change Research:

The Environmental Defense Fund works solve the most critical environmental problems facing the planet and preserve the natural systems on which all life depends. They are guided by science and economics, we find practical and lasting solutions to the most serious environmental problems.


CNN also provides a short yet powerful list of the resources that have been deployed and need support.    


The Mathematics of Change
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