As mentioned in our latest blog post, “The Mathematics of Change,” we at Expii felt compelled to write about the climate change epidemic that is so drastically represented by the flooding in Louisiana.

Can you solve Question 1: 1000 Year Storm?

A “1000-year” storm hit the state of Louisiana, dropping nearly 7 trillion gallons (26 trillion liters) of water the week of August 8, 2016. That is about three times the amount of water that accompanied Hurricane Katrina.

To put this number into perspective, let’s look at how much water an individual uses per year. According to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences the average person uses 2500 cubic meters of water per year.

If the water from this storm was all collected (and purified), how many people could it support for one week?


Have fun. Think creatively. Challenge yourself to Solve.


Solve Set 38: Climate Change