It happens every year. The weather starts to cool off, and then suddenly you have to go buy school supplies and wake up early. Back to school always seems to sneak up on you, even when you know it is coming.

At Expii, we wanted to give you some (not so) secret weapons to start the year off right, and maybe even impress your new teachers.

If you landed here, you probably know how awesome Expii is, or you have a friend who knows how awesome Expii is. If it was your friend that sent you here, let us introduce ourselveswe are a team who thinks that it is time for learning to speak directly to you. We give you (almost) limitless options of what to learn and also how to learn it.

Interested in finding out just how you can use Expii?

We know you are.


1. Learn in Your Own Unique Style

There is nothing worse than almost understanding a concept just to have the class move on to the next chapter. Or maybe it is worse when you are just totally lost because your textbook is too boring. Expii can help. We throw out the one size fits all model by giving you different styles of explanations on every topic. Choose from text, videos, Q&A, illustrations, and practice problems, the only limit is our collective creativity. No matter how you learn, we’ve got you covered.

Click on the topic map from the homepage and click into Math or Science to start your journey.


2. Compete Against the World of Math

Expii’s Grandmaster algorithm learns and adapts as you use it. Every problem has a difficulty rating and every person a score. With each problem you attempt, your score updates in real time. Mastered your test prep? You can keep getting ahead, going as long as you want. There is no limit to how difficult the problems can be.

Just choose your subject and let Expii do the rest. You can start with general areas such as  Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, or Algebra 2 or focus on specific concepts such as Fractions, Quadratic Equations, or Logarithms.


3. Discover the Creative Side of Math

Every week, Expii releases a new set of five interactive math puzzles specifically designed to relate to your life. We use current events so that each Solve set shows you the math that is all around you, even in the most unusual places, like free throw technique, Pokémon Go, or teamwork.

Each question in the set is harder than the last, so you will be able to continually challenge yourself every week. Compete against yourself, your friends, your class, or the world.

We made this week’s set just for you! Check out our Back to School set.


4. Share Your Own Explanations

We’re going to let you in on a secret: the best way to learn is to teach. Even we never truly feel like we’ve mastered a topic until we explain it to someone else. Expii lets you share your own explanations, videos, problems, and solutions. This gives you the chance help people understand a concept that you just tackled.

Creating explanations is easy. Just go to Expii’s Topic Map, and search for an area you’d like to tackle. Click the + Add Your Explanation button and you’re good to go. Use your favorite style to introduce your concept by adding videos, and pictures to illustrate your explanations and pose questions.


5. Homework Help

We want to help you with your homework. Do you ever go to someone for homework help, and they have no idea? Expii has an idea. Look up anything you learned in class, and Expii will give you more information and practice problems until you are confident that you have a deep understanding, and will not only ace your next test, but have a foundational block to build your future education on.  

We know we said that we were going to give you five ways to use Expii, but here are two bonuses:

Tell Your Teacher about Expii and How Awesome It Is

Never underestimate the power of brownie points. Wow your teachers by telling them about this awesome new math and science website you found and you can show them this article on how they can use Expii.


Connect through Edmodo  

We like to make everything as quick and easy for you as possible. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Edmodo to offer an even better experience. If you use Edmodo in class, you can now log in to Expii with the same account!

These are just the tip of the iceberg. Explore the site and reach out to us with any concerns, questions, ideas for how to make this work better, or even just to say hi. We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line at
Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and now even Pinterest! And if you like what we do here, do us a favor and share with your friends! Good luck this year!

Back to School! 5 Ways for Students to Use Expii
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