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This week’s Top Scorer comes from Cape Town, South Africa: Lindsay Hans! He is 29 years old and studied Math at University of Cape Town (UCT).
Lindsay also wrote the top-voted explanation in this week’s Set 40 Problem 5– the hardest problem in the set! He explains his solution using Number Theory. 
Q: What’s one fun fact about yourself?
a: I can solve a rubiks cube in under 20 seconds. and if that aint fun enough I’m also a guitarist for a small local alternative punk band.
Q:How did you get interested in Expii?
A: I found it following the Riddler on FiveThirtyEight.
Q: How do you use Expii?
A: I mainly play with the puzzles, the tricker the better.
Q: What’s your math background?
A: I’ve liked math as far back as I can remember. It was always my favorite thing to do when I have some spare time
Q: Do you have a favorite math concept or area?
A: Number Theory, but I only know some basic number theory.
Top Score Tuesday :: Lindsay Hans