This week’s Top Scorer is Bruce Fleischer, who was born and is currently living in New York though grew up mostly in Michigan. Bruce has his BA in Physics ’81 from Harvard, and a PhD in Electrical Engineering ’89 from Stanford.
Check out his interview below!
Q: What’s a fun fact about yourself?
A: I appeared (uncredited and briefly) in the
feature documentary film Wordplay about Will Shortz’s ACPT annual crossword tournament.
Q: How did you find Expii?
a: I saw it mentioned on another puzzle website, either Alex Bellos’s site or the Numberplay column.
Q: How do you use Expii?
A: Almost entirely for the fun of solving the puzzles.
Q: What is your math background?
A: I did very well in math contests in high school, winning the Michigan Math Prize Competition three times, and scoring in the top 25 on the USAMO three times, but never made the US team for the IMO.
Q: What is your favorite area of math?
A: If forced to choose one area, I’d say number theory. But really, I’m amazed by the beauty in all of its breadth, its applicability to the physical world, and its pursuit as a shared, social activity.
Q: Anything else you would like to share about yourself?
A: I work at IBM’s T.J.Watson Research Center, where I’ve been designing computer hardware for almost half my life. My wife Judy Freedman and I have two sons, Ari and Isaiah, who are college students at Hofstra and WPI.
Top Scorer:: Bruce Flesicher