To those who celebrate, Expii wishes you all a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. This week’s Solve set is all about the holiday – from delicious pumpkin pie to Black Friday shopping to thawing a frozen turkey and more.

Take a look at Question 1: Pie Filling featuring unit conversions & volume.

Pumpkin pie is a classic part of the American Thanksgiving dinner. Libby’s produces 85% of the canned pumpkin worldwide, which is enough for 90 million pies. Each can is a 15 fluid ounce cylinder (about 0.5 liters) which makes 1 pie. If Libby’s were to put all of this pumpkin in a single storage container, how large would it be?



Up for a challenge? See if you can tackle Question 5: Tryptophan Triangles. Hint: You made need to sharpen up your bijections (double-counting) in combinatorics skills for this one).

 You are attending a Thanksgiving dinner party, where there are 13 people in total. You observe the patterns of existing acquaintances between the people, looking for triangles (sets of 3 people, for which all of the 3 pairs of acquaintances were present) and anti-triangles (sets of 3 people, for which all of the 3 pairs of acquaintances were not present). What is the minimum total number of triangles and anti-triangles that you could possibly observe?


Whether you’re waiting for your meal to cook or waiting in an insane Black Friday line or suffering from a serious food coma, take some time this holiday and try out Solve set 51!

We at Expii are thankful for our strong community of enthusiasts, teachers and students. Enjoy the holiday!


Solve set 51: Thanksgiving