#TopScoreTuesday is back! Keep solving and you may be featured on our blog and social media.
This week’s Top Scorer is Mihir Singhal, 16 years old from Palo Alto. He is currently in 11th grade at Palo Alto High School. Check out his interview below!
Q: What’s a fun fact about yourself?
A: I like to make modular origami.
Q:  How did you find out about Expii?
A:  I found out about expii from a presentation Po-Shen gave at a math contest.
Q: How do you use Expii?
A:  I love the weekly problem sets on expii, especially since they span topics from many different areas of math.
Q: What is your math background?
A: I like competition math, especially proof-based contests such as the BAMO and USAMO that give you a long time to think about problems.
Q: Favorite area of math?
A: My favorite part of math is combinatorics.
Top Score Tuesday :: Mihir Singhal