Solve set 56: New Year was released on Tuesday! (Did you hear? Solve sets will now be released on Tuesdays for 2017!) Be sure to solve as many problems as you can and you may be featured on #TopScoreTuesday.

#BehindtheSolve is a new segment of our blog where we will share some behind-the-scenes and some inspiration that went into the Solve set.

As the first Solve of 2017, Solve set 56 only made sense to be New Year- themed. This set features questions related to new year’s resolutions, prime numbers, leap years and more. Check out this solve for fun facts about the New Year while you test your math skills related to trial and error, percents, prime numbers, ratios/units and best rational approximation!

Can you answer Problem 2: Treadmill Tendencies?

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to exercise more than the previous year, causing gym memberships to skyrocket in January. Often memberships allow members to visit the gym as many times as they want per month, with no further payment each time. Gyms actually price their membership fees on the assumption that most people will not use their membership.

Statistic Brain reports that the average number of times a member goes to the gym each week is 2, while 67% of people do not use their membership at all. If these statistics are correct, what is the average number of times that they go to the gym each week, among the people who actually use their membership?

Answer here. Keep exercising your problem solving skills for 2017.

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Solve set 56: New Year // #BehindtheSolve