This week’s Top Scorer is Asai Asaithambi from Ponte Vedra, Florida!¬†He is 61 years old and originally from India. Asai has¬†a PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (1985).


Q: What’s one fun fact about yourself?

A: I like cooking for an audience (all vegetarian food, Indian style


Q: How did you get interested in Expii?

A: I received an email on the celebration of Ramanujan’s birthday. I have always been interested in Ramanujan (since my high school days).


Q: What’s your math background?

A: I have a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT-Madras, where I learned most of my math.


Q: Do you have a favorite math concept or area?

A: Discrete math and combinatorics.


Q: Anything else you want to share about yourself?

A: I am interested in writing a History of Math book from a non-western perspective (eventually after my retirement- if and when)

Top Score Thursday :: Asai Asaithambi