🏈 Solve set 59: Super Bowl is live! 

This week’s Solve is all about the Super Bowl. Excited for the Falcons vs. Patriots game? Comment below who you’re rooting for!

Not a big football fan? Problem 1 of Solve set 59: Super Bowl is about the memorable commercials during this Sunday night event.

Can you solve Problem 1:  Un-bowl-ievably Expensive

There are some people who watch the Super Bowl for the game and there are others who watch it for the commercials. Every year companies try to outdo one another for the most memorable ad.  

This year, Fox charged advertisers $5 million for a 30-second Super Bowl commercial. Last year, there were 62 paid advertisements, of which 45 were 30-second commercials and 17 were 60-second commercials. If there is the same number of commercials this year, and 60-second commercials cost twice as much as 30-second commercials, about how much is Fox charging the advertisers, per viewer, if there are 100 million viewers?

Solve set 59: Super Bowl // Un-bowl-ievably Expensive