🏈 And the Winner of the 2017 Super Bowl goes to… the New England Patriots! 🏈

Did you know that the first Super Bowl was 50 years ago in 1967? When the AFL formed in 1960, the NFL, the more known league of the time, faced competition for both players and fans. Soon enough the two rival leagues began to think about the idea of merging. The AFL merged into the NGL in 1966 which then to the first championship game in 1967. This tradition is known as the Super Bowl. (Plug: You can learn more about contentious issues with creative resolutions in Problem 4: Complex Intersections!)

This week’s Solve is all about the Super Bowl – one of America’s favorite traditions. From commercials, to reel highlights to casually throwing around a football in front of your friends house – Solve set 59: Super Bowl meets all your football favorite needs!

Check out Problem 3: Drag Dynamics:

Imagine tossing a ball up in the air while you wait for your best friend to come out of his house. He seems to be taking a while so you being to think about the time the ball goes up and down when you throw it up in the air.  Does it take longer going up, coming down or the same amount of time? start to wonder if you ball spends longer going up or coming back down, or maybe it takes the same amount of time traveling both ways. What do you think? Answer here!

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Solve set 59: Super Bowl // #BehindTheSolve