🏆 Top Score Thursday!🏆

This week’s Top Score Thursday features Espen Slettnes! Espen recently turned 12 year old. He is in 6th grade and is homeschooled while concurrently enrolled at UC Berkeley.

Q: What’s a fun fact about yourself?  

A: When I was 3, I hiked a 3000 feet mountain in Northern Norway with my family and relatives, through dense forest with no visible trails.

Q: How did you find out about Expii?

A: I first heard of Expii and received an Expii T-shirt a couple of years ago when Dr. Po-Shen Loh visited the Berkeley Math Circle. Later I learned more about it from a community event held at Proof School and from the AwesomeMath summer camp.

Q: How do you use Expii?

A: I use Expii to continue my habit of indulging myself on increasingly tougher problems that are slightly above my level of study.

Q: What is your math experience/background?

A: I am mostly self-taught in a variety of mathematical topics by reading books and searching online. I have been attending Berkeley Math Circle since I was 6, and started taking classes with Art of Problem Solving at age of 7, and at 11 I began taking upper-division courses at UC Berkeley. I am very happy to have met several mathematicians who inspired me at different times.

Q: What is your favorite area of math?

A: I enjoy many different topics, especially combinatorics and geometry. I recently became more interested in graph theory.

Q: Anything else you would like to share?

A: This is my first year competing in USAMTS (USA Mathematical Talent Search), for which I received a perfect score for round 1 and 2, waiting for the result for round 3.  This is also my first year competing in USACO (USA Computing Olympiad); I am competing in the Gold level with a perfect score at both Bronze and Silver levels from the last two rounds.  2017 has really been a (ahem) prime year for me!

Top Score Thursday :: Espen Slettnes