ūüφNYFW is here &¬†so is Solve set 60:Fashion!ūüφ

As you may know, New York Fashion Week is a semi-annual fashion event that showcases international fashion collections to designers, buyers, press and the public. Solve set 60: Fashion is inspired by this event and is full of fun math puzzles related to fashion! Check out the set including questions related to coming up with outfits to skirting a skirt to hyperbolic symmetry. Learn more about math and fashion!

Did you know that fashion is involved with innovation? Recently a group a mathematicians created a mathematical model that reveals patterns behind innovation. See more in Question 4: Fashionable Innovation.

One fundamental design principle in fashion is symmetry. Discover how mathematical design incorporating symmetries are in fashion in Question 5: Hyperbolic Symmetry

More math and science in fashion:

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