🏆 Top Score Thursday!🏆

This week’s Top Score Thursday features Yash Totani! Yash is 21 years old from  Maharashtra, India. He is currently enrolled in a BSMS program in Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Trivandrum.


Q: How did you find out about Expii?

A: One day, I was checking out the AMS website for some information and it sort of lead me to an advertisement about the spirit of Ramanujan talent initiative. Quite excited, I started using expii and have been addicted to it ever since.

Q: How do you use Expii?

A:  I use Expii mostly for solving problems. And whenever a question is related to a topic that is new to me, Expii teaches me the topic!

Q: What is your math experience/background?

A: I am a Mathematics major in a BSMS program. But this is just the starting of my career as a Mathematician.

Q: What is your favorite area of math?

A: There are a lot of topics in Mathematics that I adore. A few of them are Prime Number Theory, Frobenius number problem, Galois theory and the theory of Partitions.

Q: Anything else you would like to share?

A: I like playing guitar, mostly when I need some alone time.

Top Score Thursday :: Yash Totani