☎️ Calling… Solve set 63… ☎️

Happy (Belated) Birthday to Scottish scientist, inventor, engineer and innovator: Alexander Graham Bell! This man is know especially for his invention of the telephone. This week’s Solve set is inspired by his invention. Try out these telephone-related math puzzles and test your exponential, expected value, invited geometric series skills and more!

Fun Fact: Did you know that the landline telephone network was designed for 99.999% reliability? See more in Problem 2: Game of Phones

While Alexander Graham Bell is most known for his invention of the telephone, he also invented other interesting things like the! It is a multicelled rigid box kite with of tetrahedrally shaped cells. (See the link below to learn more).


It’s remarkable how telephones have advanced over the 141 years since their invention! Be sure to check out Problem 5: Resistance is Futile to test your knowledge on Kirchhoff’s laws.
Have fun and keep solving!

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