🌸It’s been one full week of Spring! 🌸

Have you tried our Solve set 65: Spring? Celebrate the April Showers and soon to be blooming flowers with some Spring related math puzzles! From picnics to daylight savings to trees  blossoming, test your math skills. In this solve set you will be testing your knowledge in area, probability, system of inequalities, Chicken MgNugget Theorem, bijections and more!

Imagine you and your friend are having a picnic in the park… (Question 2)



Hopefully you remembered to spring your clock forward for Daylight Savings. You wouldn’t want to miss an important event or meeting! (Question 3)



You read correctly before – Chicken McNugget Theorem. Check out Question 4 and see how this theorem plays a role in the coming of spring!


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Keep solving and have fun!



Solve set 65: Spring // #BehindTheSolve