Calling all pranksters! You’ll love this week’s Solve set. 🎭 

Solve set 67 is inspired by April’s Fools Day! Check out these fun math puzzles and test your skills in expected value, greatest common factor, Dirichlet series, the Riemann zeta function and the product of a sum and difference!

Can you solve Question 2: Meager Measurements?

Let’s say you have two buckets – one holds 24 cups of liquid and the other colds 15 cups.  Can you figure out what the smallest nonzero volume of water that you can measure using only these two containers?


Rewind to April Fool’s day. Your friend tells you some things – some are true and some are false. Can you figure out the maximum number of true statements your friend could say? Answer here!


Are you familiar with the Riemann hypothesis? This hypothesis makes an appearance in Question 4.


Can you solve Question 5: “Flipping Out”? It’s April Fool’s Day when your friend gives you an “easy” math problem – so you know it’s going to be a hard one. Can you solve it?

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Solve set 67: Aprils Fool’s // #BehindTheSolve