šŸ“”Have you tried out Solve set 70: Radio Transmission?Ā šŸ“”

Test your skills with these fun radio transmissionĀ related math puzzles! In this Solve set you’ll find the following related topics: surface area of a sphere, rate-time-distance, circumference,Ā amplitude,Ā angle sum identitiesĀ and more!

Imagine you’re a spy is using your satellite phone to call Expii HQ… Ā See more in Question 2!

Did you know that radio transmissions travel in waves?Ā šŸŒŠĀ Lean more here!

Can you figure out how many radio towers you’ll need in Problem 4?Ā 

While polynomial functions seem pretty simple they can actually approximate all other functions pretty well! If you’re up for a challenge, try Problem 5.
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