Hello Expii fans!

We really can’t tell you how much we appreciate you being on this journey with us. We have been working behind the scenes over here at Expii and want to share with you our latest progress.

Expii Solve is changing, over the course of the past year and a half, we have had a fantastic time creating the weekly Solve puzzles for you. It’s been incredible to watch more and more people visit each week and witness the brilliance of all of the solvers from across the world.

Starting this summer we will be releasing one fun math puzzle each week that more people can solve and share. These puzzles will still be curated by Po-Shen Loh and reveal fun math insights through current events and pop culture.

That’s not all. You know that we couldn’t leave out those Expii fans who love an almost impossible math challenge (you know, those of you who looked forward to solving puzzle 4 and 5 each week) to contribute the super challenging puzzles. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more updates on this!

Last, but not least, we wanted to let you know, all of those solve sets and the leaderboard will be staying exactly where they are on our site.


An Update from Expii!