A couple of years ago, girls@expii was an initiative run by Clare B., Nisha D., and Freya E. to help encourage girls in the science and math fields. This was a group that aimed to destroy the lack of female representation in these fields, all starting with expii. Read about each of their experiences here. Expii was and still is a great place to start tackling this problem, as our site is a relatively new platform and does not have gender bias. Thus, encouraging girls to explore their passions in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) within and without expii can be the first step to improving female representation in these fields.

Are you a girl in STEM? What have your experiences been with this? We’d love to feature your story on our site! Email us at press@expii.com

We believe that girls are superheroes on their own, too.

Girls@expii relaunching!