“Team@expii” is a weekly blog series to help our followers get to know us here at Expii.


Meet Andrea Janov!

Andrea is the Director of Operations here at Expii headquarters (a.k.a. Team Mom), and has been with us for over two years. Get to know Andrea a little more by reading below.


Where are you from?

I’m originally from a small town outside of Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania and I’ve lived in New York City for several years, but a few years ago I relocated to Pittsburgh based on the need for a different pace and a killer spreadsheet.


What were your favorite subjects in school?

In high school I was a humanities student. I love my creative writing, literature, and English classes. I also spent all my study halls in the screen printing studio.


What are your personal interests? Favorite food?

I write poetry and take photos. I go to see live music as often as I can and make things out of discarded items that once had an entirely different purpose. And my favorite food is probably pizza…but only from my hometown!


How did you get into punk music and poetry?

I’ve always been a reader and a writer. Through out school I always loved creative writing assignments and took every creative writing/literature class that my school offered. I was accepted into college as a Creative Writing major, and had an AMAZING professor, Hettie Jones, who helped me realize that my voice was most naturally expressed in poetry. Maybe I should have written this in the form of a poem… (read some of my poems here)

I got into punk through my local music scene. I can’t play a note or read music but I grew up going to concerts, so it was a natural progression to start going to local shows. The community sucked me in instantly, not only was the music amazing; the DIY ethic, animal rights, and embracing individuality really connected with me.


What’s an Expii project you’ve worked on and are really proud of?

Seeing Expii grow from the beginning to now, where we are giving our users value, is super exciting. I am excited about several projects that we are working on now. So basically I am proud of all of Expii.


What advice would you give to 15-year-old you?

I would just tell myself that the experiences that 15 year old me is facing, good and bad, will be contributing to who I need to be to be successful. Also, there will always be people who disagree with you, that will oppose you, that will try to make you second guess yourself, but those people will end up making you more sure of yourself and stronger in the end.


What is your favorite thing about Expii?

I love that our Explanation pages host multiple ways to learn any topic. I was always a person who learned differently — I needed a “why” or a real word example or application of what I was learning, and your algebra textbook just gives you a formula. I would have loved a resource like this to make sense of what I was learning in class.


Team@expii: Andrea Janov