“Team@expii” is a weekly blog series to help our followers get to know us here at Expii.


Meet Lauralei Kraski!

Lauralei is our Administrative Assistant and has been with us since July. Get to know her in her interview below.


What do you do at Expii?

I tackle a range of things! Office management, bookkeeping, content writing, and operations, all are on my To Do List. Simply said, I take care of whatever needs to be taken care of. I work closely with the Director of Operations, Andrea, to keep things moving smoothly.


Where are you from? What was your hometown like?

I’m from Knoxville, TN. It’s the “cool” city in Tennessee (everyone thinks it’s Nashville, but that’s because they have never been to Knoxville.) It is very calm and relatively liberal compared to the rest of the state. It’s located in the Tennessee valley, near the Smoky Mountains. Down there, we love biscuits, bluegrass music, and days on the lake.


What are your personal interests/hobbies?

I love reading! There is always a book in my purse. I love the classics; the books that you are forced to read in high school, but I have also been branching out into historical nonfiction lately. When I am not reading, I love kayaking and learning foreign languages.


What’s your favorite food?

Bland as it may sound, I love mashed potatoes. They go with everything!


What was your favorite subject in school?

I most enjoyed English class (the reading bits) but I also loved history class, though I wish we had learned more about world history and not just American and European history.


What’s a unique fact about you?

Even though I am not a good singer (at all) I can sing most Disney songs in German.


What’s something you’ve achieved?

I’m 22 years old and have a steady job. That feels pretty big to me at this point!


What’s your favorite thing about Expii?

What I love about Expii is that we make students who are “bad at math” see their true potential. I was always a horrible math student, and I assumed (and was taught) that “not being a math person” was inevitable. Like it was something I couldn’t change. But working for Expii has taught me that it wasn’t inevitable. I could be really good at math if given the right tools to learn. I’m excited to help foster a generation of learners who can proudly say that they are good at math!


Team@expii: Lauralei Kraski