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Meet Elise Molinaro!

Elise is one of our Math Content Writers and has been with us since December. Get to know her in her interview below.


Where are you from? What was your hometown like?

Originally born in St. Petersburg Russia, I was adopted when I was two years old and was raised in a suburb about fifteen minutes from Pittsburgh. I grew up in a very pleasant neighborhood with a park right next to my house 🙂


What are your personal interests/hobbies?

I have a wide range of interests and hobbies that include (but are not limited to): Running, blogging, personal finance, my dog, yoga, inspirational quotes, inspiring others, data analytics, and basically anything related to Russia.


What’s your favorite food?

Green olives!


What was your favorite subject in school & why?

My favorite subject would probably be Algebra. I enjoyed the different ways I could apply Algebra to my passion for running. I can remember doing workouts and calculating the exact splits I would need in order to run a certain time in a workout or race. Additionally, it allowed me to easily calculate how many meters I had until I was DONE. If it weren’t for the skills I learned in Algebra, the workouts in high school would have gone MUCH slower (literally and figuratively).


What’s a unique fact about you?

I dislocated my elbow falling off a yoga ball in third grade.


What’s something you’ve achieved?

For my high school senior project I organized a 5k race and donated $1000 to the charity ‘All God’s Children International.’ The race was held at a local golf course and was called ‘Monster on the Mon.’  The scenic, yet challenging course was 3.1 miles of challenging terrain and featured fun, food, and prizes! As project manager, I booked the course, handled insurance, and ordered T-shirts for a little less than 100 participants. This project gave me my first taste of entrepreneurship and helped me realize that someday I would like to start my own business of some sort.


What’s your favorite thing about Expii?

The freedom to use your creativity to explain any concept. The many ways of designing a problem are a unique feature exclusive to Expii. I believe the approach we take to engaging students in math and science is incomparable to any other resource out there.

Team@expii: Elise Molinaro