“Team@expii” is a weekly blog series to help our followers get to know us here at Expii.


Meet Liza Sulkin!

Liza is one of our Math Content Writers and has been with us since August. Get to know her in her interview below.


Where are you from? What was your hometown like?

I’m from a city just outside of Boston called Newton.  It’s a super-liberal, education-intensive place that gave me a wonderful first 18 years of my life; I am looking forward to many more lovely years here in Pittsburgh!


What are your personal interests/hobbies?

In my free time, I love to practice amateur astronomy!  I go out with my friends on every clear night we can get in Pittsburgh’s temperamental weather to see the stars and planets; we also travel every year to West Virginia to a radio silent zone (no cell phones, microwaves, nothing that emits radio signal) to look at the Milky Way in an unpolluted sky.













That gray band is the Milky Way!


What’s your favorite food?

I could honestly eat only candy corn for the rest of my life and be pretty happy about it.


How did you get into math, and what do you like about it?

I’ve always had a certain affinity for math, especially for proofs and logic.  I love that math isn’t encompassed just by higher and higher levels of calculus; instead, it includes so many different but interconnected theoretical fields that can formally describe ideas that might not even seem inherently mathematical.


What’s a unique fact about you?

Ǝ! Liza such that the above information is true.


What’s something you’ve achieved?

I once built a functioning water clock entirely out of discarded chemistry materials with a friend; it was accurate to a second every 5 minutes.


What’s your favorite thing about Expii?

A few other interns have said this already, but I just love the other people working at Expii.  The work environment here is diligent but relaxed, and everyone here is so passionate about what they do, so the last month here has been a blast!

Team@expii: Liza Sulkin