Expii, a Pittsburgh-based startup, is looking for bold artists and revolutionary makers to join Project Spark, our creative education initiative.

Have you ever been frustrated in a class? Were you forced to learn from a book when you knew there was a better way? Did you ever feel like there was a better way? Do you have a unique voice? Do you have an interesting way of teaching? Are you creative and passionate about education? Do you have experience with writing, videography, acting, music producing, directing, or drawing? Would you like to change the world?

We want to hear from you.


About the Project

Who are we?

Expii is a free education platform based in Pittsburgh with a revolutionary vision. We are looking to transform education through the power of personalized learning, creative teaching, and peer-to-peer tutoring. We are committed to making education inclusive for all by tapping into the authentic voices of learners and teachers around the world.


What is Project Spark?

Project Spark is a creative education initiative that expands beyond traditional methods to develop the best resources for all learners. By gathering a community of creative minds together, Project Spark will generate and share imaginative content that will connect with and teach learners of all ages, backgrounds, and interests.



What are We Looking for?

Music videos, comic strips, mini-documentaries, spoofs, short films, animated poems, all ideas are welcome to teach or illustrate topics in math and science.


  1. Content (for now) must teach topics within Expii’s current Knowledge Map, i.e in algebra, pre-algebra, geometry, and biology topics. To explore our Knowledge Map, check us out at Expii.
  2. Content should be short and concise. 3-5 minutes for videos.
  3. High-quality images, sound, talent, and concept.
  4. Content must be fun, exciting, relevant, and important. Lecturing in front of a chalkboard can stay in the classroom. We want teaching and information sharing to happen in dynamic, useful, and entertaining ways (without becoming corny.)
  5. Submissions (for now) need to be in English.
  6. If you are under 18 years of age, you must have your parent or guardian sign the consent form before you can apply to participate in Project Spark. You can find this consent form on our webpage at https://www.expii.com/spark. Please print, sign, and scan this form and include it in the email sent to spark@expii.com.

Individuals and teams alike are both welcome to apply. Individuals and teams can either produce solo-projects or be paired with larger teams.


How Do I Apply?

Our application process is super simple! Apply as an individual or as a team.

Step 1: Email spark@expii.com your resume and  2-3 samples of your work. If you don’t yet have a portfolio, send us a link to a 1 minute video telling us about yourself and why you want to be involved in Project Spark, showing us your creativity, passion, and talent. For teams, each member should submit the requirements above in one email to spark@expii.com.

Step 2: Submit a brief questionnaire following the link here.

Step 3: We’ll reach out to those who are qualified to schedule a meeting to talk about your experiences, your ideas, your goals, dreams, and of course, Project Spark.

Step 4: Create! Producing your ideas can involve working alongside other members of the Expii team and the Project Spark Community, including our CEO Po-Shen Loh. It can also mean working remotely, in which case we’ll stay in touch via video chat, email, phone calls, etc.



What if I don’t live in Pittsburgh?

That’s okay! As long as you can share an initial script with us via email or video chat, we will still be able to get a feel for your idea and skills.

How will I be compensated?

Compensation will be paid at a per project rate, based on the form of the product, the time frame, the number of participants per team, and the project’s end-result quality.

Where does my creation go?

At the end of the process, your project will be hosted on our YouTube channel (@Expii) and we will place it in the appropriate lesson within the Knowledge Map on our learning platform. Other opportunities for promotion and sharing will arise, which we intend to utilize. Proper accreditation will be given in every case.  

Who owns the rights to my creation? Idea? Performance?

By entering in a contract with Expii, you are creating or performing in a work for hire capacity. Expii will retain the rights to the final creation, its modification, and its distribution. We welcome you to include it (with attribution to Expii) in all portfolios and on applications.

Can teams apply versus individuals?

Individuals AND teams are both welcome! Your application will give you the option to choose. For more information, see the “What are We Looking for?” section.

I Is this a single project contract or can it lead to more?

This is a single project contract, but we’d love to build lasting relationships and develop trusted teachers who will develop a following among our users. But, if you want to come in and create one awesome lesson, and move on, we’d love to have you.


Join Project Spark!