Expii is disrupting the education space by putting the power of sharing knowledge directly in the hands of the people. Expii.com is a free interactive website, focused on math and science, where students, teachers, tutors, and enthusiasts are encouraged to add their voices and teaching styles to the canon of lessons that are hosted on the site. We believe that high quality educational resources should be available to everyone, crossing borders and barriers to reach every student.

Expii was founded by Po-Shen Loh, a math professor at Carnegie Mellon University and national coach of the US International Math Olympiad team, who recognized that education has remained stagnant for too long. He observed how his students helped one another to understand new concepts and envisioned how the internet and mobile technology could facilitate those connects for students and teachers around the world. He seized this current untapped opportunity to advance not only the not only how education works but how people feel about it. Education should be exciting.

Our educational pedagogy stems from a key principle of learning science: instruction should meet students where they are by by building on their prior knowledge and personal experiences. There is untapped power and potential power in ordinary people educating one another in order to bring the diversity and beauty of individual perspectives to create a social learning experience.

While a standard textbook cannot adapt to each individual learner, expii.com was created to do just that. Each topic on Expii is built to support multiple explanations to address one of the main shortcomings that we see in overcrowded classrooms: the variety of student needs and learning approaches and the limited resources of a single teacher. Multiple explanations at each topic help learners build deep knowledge by connecting with others who offer explanations that make sense to them. Our multiple explanation feature, not only allows and adapts to several different learning preferences, but it also encourages you add your own voice to the discussion. It is a resource that will continue to grow stronger with the rising interest and addition of diverse voices. With the robust offering of topics, explanations, and teaching styles, it is like having a personal tutor in your pocket and at your pace.

Expii’s Grandmaster is the key to truly interactive learning. It matches you against the most relevant math and science problems in the universe in relation to the difficulty of the problems you are able to solve. Point Grandmaster to the topics you’d like to focus on now, and it will give you the next step to grow toward your goal. Repeating this process gives you turn-by-turn directions — your GPS for the world of knowledge. Whether mastery is your goal, or you aspire to become a Grandmaster yourself, our technology can guide you there.

Expii is taking over the education industry by transferring knowledge from dry text books into a website that is easy and interesting to navigate. Explanations on Expii are (and always will be) free and open to the world under our open content license. We are disrupting the status quo. We are changing the future of education. Knowledge Democratized.